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We have extended the voting period for the Made in America – Hot Product Contest until December 31st, 2013.

Made in America – Hot Product Contest
The Search for the Best New Products “Made in America”
National Mail Order Association's
NMOA's Largest "Made in America" Contest Ever

You Pick the Winning Products
Where American's Pick the Winners!

What’s the contest about?

This contest is all about promoting ‘American Made’ products.  And not just the Big Guys -- it’s mostly about helping the thousands of small shops and inventors around the USA.

We’ve been told for years that small business is the backbone of the American economy. It’s true, but it’s hard to deny that over the years no one has been paying much attention to this fact. And now our economy and manufacturing base is in deep trouble. American manufacturing has taken a back seat to cheap exported labor and low quality products.

Even under all this pressure to ‘outsource’ production, many patriots have refused to compromise their principles and have continued to keep their products made right here in the good ol’ USA. And this contest is about seeking these products out and showing them off to other Americans across the USA in an effort to have more American products sold.

Remember, there are still millions of people all over the country that depend on a job that is tied to American manufacturing, from the large companies to the small mom and pop operation.

Some of the problems small manufacturers and inventors face.

American ingenuity has always been top notch, that hasn’t changed. Some of the most interesting products come from smaller manufacturers and inventors around the USA.

Considering this fact, you would think you would see more of these great American made products on the shelves of retail stores and on the pages of mail order catalogs and web sites. But you don’t. And we all know that to build large sales, that in turn create more jobs, you must have retail distribution so more people have the opportunity to see and buy the product.

Here’s the catch. Many times smaller manufacturers, inventors, craftsmen, or artisans have a hard time getting their products in front of wholesale buyers at a reasonable cost. Even if they have the marketing expertise and the connections, it is very time consuming and expensive for them to get the needed exposure without help.

Just the expense to travel and display at a product trade show is an enormous investment in time, money, and manpower. It's just too much for many smaller companies. So what happens—they don't go. They miss their chance to get in front of both retail and wholesale buyers.

Because of this you don’t get to see but a miniscule of the true number of American products that are actually out there. Thousands of products most people don’t even know exist, but are truly awesome.  

On the flip side, merchandise buyers from stores are always under pressure to find new and interesting products for their companies to sell, and are always on the lookout for the next potential hot seller for their particular market niche. But it's impossible for buyers to go from town to town all over America trying to find them. It’s a true catch 22.

And that’s the overall goal of the contest; to seek out great American made products and connect them with you the consumer and with the retailers that can sell them.

What can you do?

First and foremost, register and vote for products that are part of this contest, and tell others to do it too. Give your feedback to the manufacturer on their product page. This will help them improve their product and the marketing of it. You can even tell them how much you think it should cost.

Second, we must all participate in the wellbeing and financial stability of our nation, we must all make a conscious effort to buy and sell American made products from sea to shining sea.

Of all the things we buy each year, if every adult in America made a conscious effort to earmark just $100 from their yearly household budget, to spend on American made products instead of imported products, amazing things would happen.

Just think of it, about 250 million people retargeting $100 of their yearly spending on American made products would mean an extra twenty-five billion ($25,000,000,000) in extra sales...per year. What a boost this simple gesture would mean to all the people working and looking for work in America.

The time has never been more important than now to promote and buy Made in the USA!

The Made in America contest is a fun way for people to discover new and interesting products, and vote for their favorites.

What’s in it for the Manufacturer?

Simply put, a manufacturer or inventor with a good product could hit the big-time just from entering their product in the contest; even more so if their product happens to be chosen as a winner by the public.

The potential exposure from being in the contest could really open some doors to big sales.  It only takes one good size retail merchant to sell truckloads of product, and entered products will be exposed to hundreds of retail merchants. Some will even be voters themselves. In addition, a product that gets a lot of high votes could actually influence retailers to start selling a product.

 What’s in it for the American public that vote?

Fun! This is like the American Idol™ of products. Voters will get to see things that they never knew existed, rank how much they like it using a 1-5 star system, and be able to communicate their thoughts about a product to the manufacturer if they want.

For more information on the voting process and to register to vote,
please visit this page.

For more information about submitting your product in the contest,
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