Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

We have extended the voting period for the Made in America – Hot Product Contest until December 31st, 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Made in America – Hot Product Contest?
The Made in America Contest is an online based contest that seeks to find, introduce and promote products made and invented in America. We are inviting manufacturers and individuals to submit products that are made in the USA, and also the general public to vote for their favorite products.

There are multiple categories in which to enter products, including two special categories being; a. ‘Hot Product’ category for products invented in America but are being manufactured in another country and, b. ‘Invention’ category for products that are not yet being manufactured, but hope to be soon.

The public will vote for their favorite products based on a 5 star ranking system. Voters will also be able to make comments about the product that the manufacturer will be able to view and download. Voters will also be able to choose a retail price they would expect to pay, and also choose if they would like to buy the product after the contest.

2. What is the goal of the contest?
The first and foremost goal is to get widespread exposure for all the unique and interesting products made in America.

To accomplish this part of the goal, we encourage every manufacturer that enters the contest to solicit as many people as possible to come and vote for their product. With everyone working together in a cooperative manner to get voters, the contest expands the total exposure for all the products entered.

We think everyone understands that you can’t buy or sell a product unless others know it exists. And the best way to spread the word about a product is through a cooperative word of mouth effort. So please tell someone about this contest and help expand the sale of products Made in the USA!

The big picture goal of the contest is to help modify the purchasing habits of Americans to purchase products Made in the USA. There are approximately 250 million adult Americans, if each of them would simply redirect just $100 dollars of their normal yearly budget towards USA made goods, together we would add $25,000,000,000 Billion extra dollars to our economy. We're not asking anyone to spend more, just redirect some of what you are spending to American made goods.

3. When can I enter the contest? (Entry deadline extended to June 31, 2013)
The time to enter products in the contest will run from June 1, 2012 to June 31, 2013 and then one extra month (July of 2013) of continued public voting will follow.

4. How do I get votes?
Each product entered into the contest will be given a unique ID number for you to give out to friends, customers, post on your Facebook pages, twitter about, etc. You will also get a contest button to put on your site that says; “Vote for My Product”

*** You can Vote for your own product, but you will need to create a separate Voters Account using a different email than you used for creating your manufacturers account.

5. How many products can I enter in the contest?
Each manufacturer or inventor will create a single account on the contest site; from there (your Dashboard) you can enter as many different products as you wish, in any category you wish.

6. Can I enter the same product more than one time?
No. Pick the category that best matches your product and go for it. Having your product listed in multiple categories would only dilute your efforts.

7. How will I win the contest?
Each product category will have an overall winner. If you are the product with the most votes, you win. Winners will be chosen by the total number of votes received. If there is a tie on the number of votes, the product with the highest ‘star’ ranking will be named the winner. If there is a tie in both votes and rank, then a coin toss will determine the winner. Besides the award given, winners will likely be picked up by various catalog companies or retailing merchants. All contestants will get some free visibility, and who knows where that could lead!

8. Can I enter my invention in the Contest?
Yes, we have a special category for ‘Inventions’ that are not yet in production. But you need to be protected by a patent or some other means (contact your lawyer) before you do. Your Invention should be (not required) in final prototype stage.

8.1. My invention is made in another country, can I enter this product in the contest?
Yes, with these stipulations. You can only enter the product under the ‘Hot Product’ category, and you must still be the person in control of selling the product and receiving income from it, and you must be a current U.S. resident. See item one on the official rules page.

9. I custom make my products from my home, can I enter the contest?
Yes. We use the word ‘manufacturer’ to mean any person or entity that creates a product, from home, from a small shop or from a full fledge manufacturing plant.

10: How do I post a video for my product?

To upload your video from YouTube, you only need to enter your video’s ID found in the YouTube video URL.

On the product entry form you will see a field called: ‘YouTube video ID here:’

Here is an example of the video ID from an actual YouTube video:

Let's say this is your YouTube Video URL:

You would only ente your video’s ID in the product entry form: sMw7lwxRImI

Do Not Enter the Entire Video URL!

11. What constitutes 'Made in America' for the Contest?
At least 75% of the product, or process, originates – and is completed – in the United States of America.

12. What does it cost to enter the contest?
To make sure only legitimate products are entered in the contest, and to help offset the cost of running the contest, a $30.00 entry fee is required to enter each product. If you need the link to make payment click here.

13. How many pictures can I have of my product?
You are allowed one .jpg picture (required) and one video (optional). The ideal size of the .jpg image to use is 140 pix wide X 111 pix high. However, the site will automatically adjust the picture size for you in most cases. If you have trouble, please contact John Schulte, email below.

Questions can be directed to: John Schulte,


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